Balance Within Coaching
Building Physical and Emotional Well Being

Judy Bradshaw - Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Kelowna BC


Your questions are welcome, and if you are wondering if my services can help you, feel free to give me a call. Visits are by appointment only.

Phone: 250-869-4788

Nutritional Consultations
An initial nutritional consultation appointment with me is the ”getting to know you visit." It will require your active participation and insight for accurate assessment. Together we will go through a lifestyle and nutritional assessment form, to evaluate your overall well being. This assessment can uncover deficiencies or imbalances causing stress on your organs and systems. A charge of $150.00 includes assessment, relevant information and explanations to your questions, basic nutrient and food muscle testing. Children's appointments are $100.00. The price of supplements if needed, are not included in the consultation fees. The initial appointment will be two to three hours. Shorter one hour follow up visits are $75.00. Some extended health plans wil cover nutritional consultations.

NLP Consultations
NLP appointments usually run for three hours. For most issues we book two three hour appointments were you will learn first how the unconscious mind works, learn what meta programs your are running, find how your memories are stored, and then clear two unwanted emotions. During your return visit you will clear the remaining unwanted emotions, and limiting decision keeping you from achieving your goals. You will also learn how to set and place new goals. This is just a sample outline for appointments can be very different for individuals. NLP sessions last three hours, and cost $150.00.

Office Policy
Some clients are dealing with allergies, sensitivities. It is for this reason that I request that clients respect the needs of others by refraining from wearing fragrances, and at the same time I will respect your needs. Please refrain from wearing perfume, after shave, hair spray, creams and cosmetics with fragrances.A clean and simple you works best for the appointment.

The Office
I am proud to be able to offer services in a warm, comfortable, office in the Dilworth area