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Judy Bradshaw - Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Kelowna BC

Biotherapeutic Drainage

"Each generation's health is slightly more compromised than the previous one due to environmental deterioration."


Biotherapeutic drainage is available in this practice because it effectively accomplishes detoxification with little if any aggravation and is an affordable amazing modality.

What Biotherapeutic Drainage is
Biotherapeutic drainage is a process in which the body is detoxified by opening the emunctories, and then discharging the toxic accumulations. Our primary emunctories are the skin, intestines, lungs, kidneys and bladder. They are made of tissue that is capable of allowing excretions to exit the body. Our liver, stomach and pancreas are not tissues that permit removal of wastes to the exterior of the body, but they perform many essential functions in the maintenance and the functioning of the other emunctories tissues. When the natural excretory system is blocked or inadequate for normal metabolic catabolism, a person can develop a condition, an illness, an “-itis”.

When Drainage is Used
Drainage is used when our organs and tissues become insufficient not only from poor diet choices, insufficient sleep, stress, lack of exercise, chemical exposure, but also from our own cellular waste, free radical oxidation, and chronic inflammation.

Symptoms of Distress
Symptoms are signs that the liver, our main filtering system is overworked, and toxins are increasing in the blood stream. Cystitis, diarrhea with blood, and mucous, genital infections, and eczema, are examples of not normal physiology and because of this we try to live with fatigue, pain, bloating, edema, coldness and insomnia. These are symptoms which may lead to chronic degenerative disease or auto-immune conditions to many to mention. They are the body’s way of asking for help. Listen to your body.

Optimal Health
Optimal health on a physical, mental, and biological level is something we all look forward too. When beginning your journey towards optimal health, it is always important to ensure that all primary emunctories are able to discharge toxins to the outside of the body. This is accomplished with Biotherapeutic drainage. It is always necessary to remove the toxins from the blood first, thereby creating a space for organ and tissue toxins to move into. Toxins are deposited layer by layer. So old toxins are deepest and the new toxins are more superficial.

All cells in the body require a specific environment with particular nutrients, an exact PH, and proper elimination of wastes to survive and function properly. These need to be taken into account when moving towards optimal health..

Unda drainage
Unda drainage numbers used are a unique combination of the purest homeopathic formulas in the world. The botanical preparations and metals in each formula form a unique remedy itself that is different from any single remedy. They cannot be compared to other combination remedies. They are also the only combination remedies that are based on miasmatic theory. Homeopathy, also an energetic medicine, provides information to the organism that attempts to permit the re-establishment of homeostasis.