Balance Within Coaching
Building Physical and Emotional Well Being

Judy Bradshaw - Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Kelowna BC



" Regardless of developments in medicine, food remains one of the most essential elements of life."

It is hard to believe that one of the most serious problems of modern civilization is malnutrition. Whether we consider malnutrition caused by the shortage of food, or the dietary abuse problems common to our society, we find enormous suffering caused by the way we feed ourselves. A whole new host of diseases are becoming the norm through our indulgence of these easily prepared processed foods, which are said to make our lives so much easier.

What a Holistic Nutritionist can do for you
A Holistic Nutritionist is trained to look for a deficiency or excess of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbs, fiber, or water. When these basic nutrients are out of balance they can be keeping you from performing at your optimum. A Holistic Nutritionist also looks at the digestive system and its health. If the organs are overburdened with years of drugs, chemicals, pesticides, fungus, parasites, then they become less efficient. Food sensitivities are also a large problem for this generation due to varying factors, and the quality of the foods we are eating is also important. We know there is so much more then calorie counting when it comes to our health and we are ready to share this with you.

When would a nutritional assessment be beneficial
Fortunately, there is a shift occurring. We are beginning to understand that the only person in charge of us, individually, is us, and therefore are looking for answers on how to feel better. This is bringing about a generation of people looking for information on how to nourish themselves physically, and emotionally, so they can live a happy life.

Many are signing up for weight lifting, aerobics, pilates, yoga, tai chi, karate and dance classes. There is a place for these in everyone's healthier lifestyle program, but they are not the place to begin if you are starting from a weakened state. They do not address the physical needs of your cells after years of environmental and chemical toxins, nor do they help the cells that have been struggling to function without optimal nutrients for years. It makes sense to find out what the cells need, then feed the body before you ask it to perform at a level it is not use to yet. If not, this is when the strains, factures, tears and swellings occur.

There are also many of use that pick up one of those diet books and starve ourselves just a little more till we feel nauseous, and weak, only to see the numbers on the scale a little lower then last week. Is it really about numbers, or the efficiency of your body? Can one diet work for all? Will that diet address your underlying deficiencies? Will it be the answer to your bodies many cries for help?

Or maybe a visit to the health food store is where you are headed to begin your movement towards health. You notice the shelves of supplements, then begin to list a few of your symptoms that you are willing to share with the in store staff, and they give you a few suggestions based on some quick questions. If you are lucky you notice a change, if not you say that stuff does not work. A hit or miss approach is not the way to be introduced to the nutritional field. This is when a visit with a Holistic Nutritional would be a good choice. We are trained in educating the public on how the body works, and what nutrients it needs for optimal health. With the right nutrients the body will do the rest.

A visit with a Holistic Nutritionist is an educational experience where you learn to make lifestyle changes that will have a long-lasting effect on your quality of life. Each of us are biochemically unique. Similar symptoms or signs in the body may be caused by very different factors in different people. We look for the root cause of your symptoms, and then help your body reach optimal health with lifestyle changes. Exercise, food, supplements, homeopathy, and the way you think can be a part of these changes.

How I test for deficiencies or excess
Invasive methods of testing are not used. A symptomology assessment form is used to get an overview of your state of health, and Touch for Health method of muscle testing is used to uncover food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, and other imbalances. I can also look at lab test from your physician when needed. The body has amazing abilities to bring itself into balance once it has suitable conditions to work in, and the raw materials to do the work with.

Why might you seek the help of a holistic nutritionist?

We can discuss detoxification, digestion, assimilation, elimination and suggest programs to improve these functions, by using vitamins,minerals, trace elements, fibre, enzymes, amino acids, etc.

It is my goal to teach you why it is not normal to have headaches, cramps, stomach aches, joint pains, constipation, diarrhea, recurring infections, insomnia, restless legs, mucus, fatigue, inflammation, hyperactivity just to mention a few. These are all just symptoms showing the body is either deficient in a nutrient or not able to get rid of some excess toxins.

Nutritional supplements
It can sometimes be difficult to meet our nutritional requirements from food alone. When a body is in a weakened or deficient state higher amounts of nutrients are often required for healing. In this practice I use products from Seroyal. They are a natural pharmaceutical company which make high quality nutritional supplements that are only available through registered health care practitioners.

Optimal nutrition is a gift that lasts a lifetime.