Balance Within Coaching
Building Physical and Emotional Well Being

Judy Bradshaw - Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Kelowna BC

Touch For Health

The principles of Touch for Health
Touch for Health (TFH) is based on the principle of the Triangle of Health, the three sides being biochemistry, emotions and structure. Because TFH is primarily a physical correction, we use it to correct the structural. We believe all three levels are important and interconnected; each can throw the others off balance, each can also bring the others into balance. improving our diet (biochemistry) and exercise (structure) can improve our mental attitude (emotions). Improving attitude can change our biochemistry and posture. Better postural alignment allows all our body systems to work more efficiently, and allows the nutrients to reach their destinations.

Touch for Health uses a technique called "balance as you go." Significant changes can be made to our posture just by doing a fourteen muscle balance. This is due to energy changes, and because we are making sure that the pairs of muscles we are testing and correcting are equally supporting our structure. There are fourteen major meridians in the body and the balancing involves checking the muscle associated with each of these fourteen meridians. We place the arm or leg in a certain position, which brings the ends of the muscle we want to test close together; this puts other muscles which ordinarily work with it at a disadvantage. We then press in a direction that requires the muscle we are testing to work at holding the body position. If the muscle is strong, we know that there is at least enough energy flowing in the meridian to enable the muscle to function as it should. If the muscle is weak, it indicates that we need to stimulate the flow of energy in the system. To stimulate the energy we can then strengthen a muscle through Neuro-lymphatic massage, by holding Neuro-vascular points or tracing meridian flow, also by manually stimulating the origin and insertion of a muscle.

A 14 Muscle Balance is a wonderful way to raise your body's energy, balance a physical or emotional pain or tension. It can also be used for goal balancing, preventive health maintenance, or to speed up healing.

Muscle testing
Simply put, when you hold something that your body doesn't like, specific muscles will become weaker, and when you hold something the body wants, the muscles gets stronger. This form of testing makes for a non-invasive, simple method of testing, for food sensitivities, or weakness in an organ. Muscle testing is also helpful for testing vitamins, herbs, and nutritional supplements, to determine which products may be best suited for an individual. This of course is a valuable tool in a nutritional practice, and is a form of Applied Kinesiology that is growing fast in natural health care.

Touch for Health also has exercises to improve concentration, coordination and focus. A Touch for Health appointment can be fun, interesting, and very informative. You will learn how to read your body.